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There is a purpose built Social Sciences Faculty area which includes business studies, psychology and sociology. We are lucky enough to be housed in a brand new ECO building which opened in October 2013. The classrooms are extremely well designed and equipped with climate control and overhead projectors. The faculty has a work room for staff members and a computer suite housing 30 computers. Many of the students use iPads (or other electronic devices in line with the school’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, and the school has purchased iPads for all teachers. The Faculty has a Twitter account @SocSciPlymstock which is used as a means of sharing wider reading with the students.

Business Studies

This is an option form year ten onwards and covers topics such as human resources, marketing, production, finance and accounting. Applied qualifications encourage the application of theory to the workplace – although it does not necessarily mean that a candidate is qualified for a particular role, it should prepare candidates for their future in any area of business and other occupations.


This is the one of the most popular advanced level subjects at the school. The students who opt to study psychology are very enthusiastic and able and a significant number of them go on to study psychology at university. The students receive ten hours of psychology per fortnight. We have links with the other psychology departments in the area and also with the psychology department at Plymouth University. High expectations are made of the students and we use regular assessments to inform planning and differentiation and to ensure that the students are meeting their targets. At AS we study Stress, Abnormality, Research Methods, Attachment, Memory and Social Psychology. At A2 we study Relationships, Depression, Sleep, Aggression Addiction and Research Methods. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and experience. It takes a scientific approach based on experimentation and students learn how to design experiments and analyse material using statistics. In addition they read about and evaluate the work of psychologists and write lots of essays. It is an excellent subject to study for those considering a career working with people such as nursing, social work, teaching, medicine, the police, clinical psychology, management, personnel, advertising, speech therapy, business etc.


This is another popular advanced level subject at the school and many of the students go on to study this at university. Sociology is actually the study of society, people as individuals and in groups. It is a great subject to study for those considering a career working with people such as social work, housing, social services, nursing, child-care, the armed forces, the police, personnel management, business, advertising, teaching, medicine, probation, occupational therapy, the law, town planning etc. It is also a fantastic foundation for any degree. It is a stimulating subject that encourages people to look at the world in a different way. We follow the AQA Specification and the topics we study include the family, the education system, the mass media and crime.

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