Physical Education


Our ethos in PE is simple: we want to fully equip our students with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the future, whatever they may be. We want our students to acquire a clear understanding of health and wellbeing and an enjoyment for physical activity with the aim that they will develop positive habits that they continue to engage in for life.


We recognise that not every student shares an intrinsic motivation for sport and competition and although we endeavour to nurture a sporting excellence where it is appropriate, we also understand that this approach can often be a barrier for many. We aim to engage ALL young people in physical activity which is why we felt a new approach was needed. ME in Plymstock School PE is an innovative approach to overtly teach personal development through the vehicle of sport.

Our core aims are to develop transferable life skills within a safe environment through the vehicle of sport and physical activity.

We have developed the 5 MEs in Plymstock School PE as a model that allows all students to engage, progress and succeed. Our PE aims will be delivered in line with these 5 MEs:

Each half term students follow a different sport or activity and within this the focus will be on improving their physical skills as well as developing one of the other MEs. Each lesson therefore has a Physical ME objective and a personal development objective. For example, students may spend one half term following football as an activity and focusing on Integrity as an aspect of Employable ME. A typical lesson may have the Physical ME objective of ‘developing the dribble’ and an Employable ME objective of ‘demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship’.

This new approach aims to add value to our PE programme without compromising on the things we have traditionally done so well. We aim to highlight how influential physical activity can be in the development of personal qualities and key life skills, and in turn create well rounded students who are healthier, happier and more prosperous.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are incredibly proud of the number and variety of extra-curricular opportunities we offer to our students. There are a range of sporting activities available at lunchtime for students to turn up and play. We also offer a wide selection of both competitive team sports and alternative activities based around recreation and personal development after school. Some of these activities allow students the opportunity to go off site and experience some of the facilities available to them in our local community.

Clubs and activities that are currently on offer to both boys and girls include: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Squash, Surfing, Table Tennis, Trampolining and Water Sports.


Plymstock Physical Education department is well resourced with two sports halls, a fitness suite and a dance studio. Our outdoor facilities include: a 3G artificial playing surface, a sand dressed astro, four football pitches, a rugby pitch and a hard court with four netball/tennis courts. We are also fortunate enough to be on a site surrounded by green space.

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