Modern Foreign Languages

Plymstock Modern Foreign Languages Department

The MFL is a thriving and committed department, fully staffed with 7 full-time and 1 part-time specialist MFL teachers.  We offer a policy of ‘Languages for All’ from Year 7 through to GCSE.  In Year 7, students learn French.  We build on the languages skills learnt at KS2.

In Year 8, all students continue with French and more able students are given the opportunity to begin German.  Then in Year 9, dual linguists can choose to continue both or study one language.  In Years 10 and 11, for GCSE, students are encouraged to continue with their language studies.  GCSE Spanish from scratch is also usually offered.  At KS5 French, German and Spanish are offered to A level via consortium arrangements.

MFL Homework expectations:

  • In Key Stage 3 students are set one Languages homework per week of 30 minutes duration. A variety of tasks will be set, such as learning vocabulary; preparing work for the next lesson; “flipped learning” where students have to find out the phrases or grammar needed for the next lesson; exercises to practise what has been learned.
  • In Key Stage 4 homework should take 40-60 minutes depending on the tasks set. Some variety of tasks are set as above, with a focus on the skills required to be successful in their GCSE exams.  It is vital that students complete this homework by the deadline and that learning for the speaking exam takes place little and often over an extended period of time, not immediately before the exam takes place.
  • Where homework is set from a website language learning course, switching on the sound is important to help with pronunciation of new words. Students are asked to bring evidence such as screen shots or parents will be asked to confirm that the required time has been spent on the homework.
  • MFL homework can involve learning vocabulary and parents can support in KS3 and KS4 with testing and encouraging students to use “look-cover-write-check” as with primary school spellings.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • KS4 Language Leaders, alongside staff, plan a series of events for our younger students over the year.
  • Opportunities via Network for Languages and the various Embassies (eg Year 10 taster day at Plymouth University; master classes)
  • Our students run taster sessions for primary pupils as part of the WeST MFL network.

We run a full programme of trips, usually including:

  • Year 8-13 German Christmas Markets weekend and partner school visit
  • Year 7 Activity long weekend visit to Château Beaumont in Normandy
  • Residential to the Moselle Valley, Germany (part of Challenge week)
  • Residential to Paris: cultural visits and theme parks (part of Challenge week)
  • Berlin (Years 12/13)
  • Brittany (Years 12/13)

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